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Unique Ideas For Making Money Online and Offline

You seem to get money making ideas left and right but I thought I’d put down some unique ideas for a change. Hope they give you some inspiration or at least drive you to the next best idea. Pull up those socks, roll up those sleeves and start making money.

Indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving or bodyflight is slowly making itself known throughout the world. Big companies have bought properties and storerooms big enough to build a structure called the vertical wind tunnel. Basically it’s a massive vertical tube with an industrial fan underneath you. You wear the safety gear and helmet and they slowly start up the fan which eventually lifts you up into the air leaving you free from gravity and the restrictions it has on you. You can do cartwheels, somersaults and back flips without any hassle; surely something like this should be catching on much faster?

Innovative entrepreneurs have designed a portable wind tunnel which is powered by a diesel or electrical fan. You may not fly as high as the big company wind tunnels but you still get the same sense of freedom from floating in the air. Definitely something to invest in, just make sure you have the right clients for this venture in your area.

Make Money Blogging

Money Making IdeasEverybody is talking about how blogging is so amazing and how you can make money from it…well I’m joining the choir and telling you that it truly is a great way to make money online combined with doing something you love. The great thing about blogging is that you can work on something you love and truly enjoy. My blog is about photography and designers and I love working on it because my passion drives me to post the best content I can find. Keep your blog interesting, get in contact with the community and join social media platforms to get your name out into the interweb.

Grow herbs

The world is going green and that means that people are driving less, cycling more and taking care of themselves. All I hear is ka-ching every time someone says “go green”. People who want to live green also want to look after themselves, that’s why they start eating healthier and exercise every second day. Take the opportunity to give them what they want… and that’s herbs.

Create a patch in your garden for herbs such as basil, spring onions, rocket, thyme and sage. Do some research about cultivating each herb, as each has its own intricate growth pattern, and start packaging them. Sell them to the local market or to your neighbours in the street, and soon the word on the street will be that you are the guy (or gal) to go to for herbs

Start a club, the non dancing kind

I recommend this idea to people who don’t have access to the internet but still want to do something they are passionate about. Gather people you know who like photography, drawing, sculpting, hiking, biking, snowboarding or whatever, and start organising trips and meet-ups. Don’t mistake this for just a social. Once you get the club going and the meet-ups frequent you can start inviting more people and ask for a membership fee. You might even be able to sell tickets for competitions and make a profit out of it.

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