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Terms of Use

Web Creative is a website that is dedicated to provide information with the intention of helping you to be able to make money online from home. We want your online business and money making ventures to be successful. By visiting our website we want to make sure that you understand that you are under our terms of conditions, and that you are well aware of the terms of our privacy policy. Every piece of information you will provide along the way, will be subjected to our own terms and usage.

The pronouns “us” and “we” refers to the owner and the people that are running this website. The pronoun “you” refers to you and other viewers of this website.

Your access and use of this website are governed by these terms and conditions

  • We have the full authority to change the contents of this website without the responsibility to inform our readers. It will be your responsibility to keep informed and updated for your personal use.
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  • Web Creative may feature other websites for additional reference, but we are not responsible for the information posted on these sites. We don’t promote other websites, and we don’t take responsibility of the contents that they provide.
  • We have the right to benefit from profits and shares of earnings from the products and links advertised within this website.