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5 Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

MoneySometimes the most difficult aspect of working from home is staying motivated. There is no boss to ride your ass, because you’re the boss, and he’s set a poor example for everyone. There is no one to stop you from lying down on the job, the soft comforts of your couch only a room away. Worse yet are the distractions, the siren song of television and video games and the internet. Every time you sit down to work, they tickle at your Id, their invisible calling resonating between the walls of your skull. Take a break, they urge. Take two.

At a normal job you resign yourself to the company appropriated breaks. At home you make the schedule, and it’s no surprise it’s filled with non-stop procrastination and six day weekends. Ultimately, however, such a work schedule is unsustainable. That’s why it’s important to utilize the following 5 motivational tactics in the midst of unadulterated distraction.

5. Create a Working Environment

Part of what makes a business successful is creating an environment conducive to working. By separating your office space and play space you can foster a more productive mindset, training your brain to know when to use your hands for work and when to use them to stuff your mouth with nachos. In addition to space, you can also make use of time by setting a specific work schedule, although such rigid standards may defeat the point of working at home.

If a home office is too suffocating, take your work outside to a cafe or a park. In most cases, work can be completed offline and uploaded when you return. This also removes the problem of internet distractions, even for those with mobile wireless, as being in a public space if nothing else will make you less likely to browse time-wasting sites, thus fail to make money online.

4. Set Goals

Rather than base your daily work schedule by time, a better way is to set it by goals. Setting a productivity goal creates two carrots for that lazy, slothful body you call a horse. The first being the money, and more specifically, the things you can buy with that money, like more money. The second is the more immediate carrot, the carrot of free time. Unlike a traditional job, where you are chained to your desk until the clock strikes 5, the amount of free time you get depends on how quickly you finish your work.

3. Caffeine

It may sound simple, but as a stimulant, caffeine can help your brain concentrate and focus. It’s also much healthier than nicotine and a hell of a lot safer than adderall or cocaine.

2. Chart Your Progress

Keep detailed reports of your productivity and earnings for each day. By having a visual representation of your accomplishments, you are in effect rewarding yourself for work done and motivating yourself for the work to come. Unconsciously, you will not want to see the chart dip. You will not want to let the chart down. Especially if you give the chart a name, like Mr. Chart.

1. Reward Yourself

In addition to the daily goal of free time, it’s also important to create a larger reward each month for meeting a specific benchmark. If you have a tighter budget or simply work better with negative reinforcement, penalize yourself for failing to meet a goal. Often times the best way to motivate ourselves is to tie your productivity to something you can’t live without, so long as that something is a luxury and not say, oxygen.

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