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Not so long ago (actually it is quite long ago), I was a website owner who’s grasping my way in the dark roads of online business. Years of struggle on finding ways to optimize my income only brought me scratches and bruises from broken promises and false advertising of CPA affiliate networks that promise success and dramatic change.

Just when I was about to give up something shed light and made everything visible for me. Then I saw the logo that came like a knight with a shining armor, “MaxBounty”. Anyways, so much for the drama and let me tell you about my honest and legit review of MaxBounty.

What is MaxBounty

MaxBounty is something that I believe will work for all affiliate marketers that are looking to make money online. It’s so simple that it won’t make your eyebrows arch, yet it offers many benefits that each individual is expecting or praying that an affiliate network will offer. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the best affiliate networks that exist, it also comes with reliable and promising payment offers. I can say that it’s one of the highest paying affiliate networks based on my experience.

I find MaxBounty very promising if you’re one of those businessmen who want to submit or endorse products, and want to sell or earn through CPA offers.

MaxBounty » What you need to know

MaxBountyI won’t say that joining MaxBounty is easy (actually.. it is easy). As for me, I was not in front of my computer when they called to verify my registration, so it took me some days to get approved. But hey, that was my fault. If you try to register for the MaxBounty CPA offers and get denied, the most common reason why an application is denied, is the lack of legit website that qualifies for any of the categories that the CPA offers MaxBounty is hosting. Anyways, since I am not the kind of person who easily gives up, I usually call the affiliate network for an explanation why I was not accepted, if I doon’t hear from them or get an email that my account was denied. Anyway, MaxBounty accepted me and since then I started earning with them.

What I like most about MaxBounty is that it has CPA offers that other affiliate networks can’t equal. Just imagine 500 offers within its community; that is more than enough for me. In addition, the network also comes with simple yet neat features that are very user friendly. There is no need for you have a technical knowledge to deal with this affiliate network.

I would also like to emphasize that MaxBounty promotes transparency with its members. As a member I have all the access to monitor my status and my performance with its easy to use tracking and reporting scheme. You can search for the number of sales you made and your other activities. It’s so easy since you can even filter them by date. I used to take advantage of a third-party tracking software, but I said good bye to it since I joined the network.

When it comes to the paying scheme, MaxBounty sends out payment once a month which can be a problem if you’re just starting and frequently needs money. This is not an issue for me though. The network is also paying a minimum amount of $50.00, but this amount is not hard to achieve with the success of payouts that this CPA affiliate network is offering.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how the manager and the rest of the network’s admin works, I give it a rating of B+. It’s not really convenient to contact them particularly the manager probably because he’s busy, but I think this is an aspect that needs improvement. Of course I was not left in a corner, but I still feel that I need more attention since I always have queries and clarifications to make. I don’t know how this will work for you, so I will leave this aspect to your judgement.

Overall Experience

I consider MaxBounty a lucrative and stable CPA affiliate partner. The CPA offers and pay out system works for me. I have no problems with receiving my money once every month, but if you’re still starting with your online venture and want to get your affiliate money say once every week, I’d suggest that you look for other CPA network alternatives. If you’re someone who’s already established in the business, this network will perfectly work for you. You can try signing up for an account to find out what I am talking about.

MaxBounty is not paying me for this review so it really matters if you will take my opinion and consider your options. My purpose is to help likeminded internet businessmen like you, who rely on CPA offers and commissions to enjoy the sweetness of success in life.

MaxBounty ReviewThomas Alling4.62013-05-01 15:19:26Not so long ago (actually it is quite long ago), I was a website owner who’s grasping my way in the dark roads of online business. Years of struggle…

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badboy April 28, 2012 2:14 pm

can you open o me a account a them a will pay you

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