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I recently had the chance to research on some “get paid for reading emails and make money surveys online” websites. These services promise you cash making opportunities just for reading emails and taking surveys. Two of them stood out in my mind as being slightly more preferable than the other two, (whereas all were a good enough way to make some spare change) and one of them that you will see today was not only not on my research list from the last round, but is amazingly willing to include the others as some of its advertised money making opportunities. Everybody working together and getting along – how refreshing!

There was a time when I actually attempted this manner of ‘extra cash’ earning. It seemed to go really well. In fact so well, that I was able to get some very decent checks every other week. Eventually I had to stop because it was interfering with my real job! Whether you earn points rather than cash value for the surveys that you take or actual cash in an account from which you get paid; money is money.

Some of the surveys apply to certain types of people; people with children, people with luxury automobiles, people who have pets, people from a certain geographical area… you get the picture. So if you don’t fall into those categories, don’t get discouraged. There will be other surveys that do apply to you. Looking back, perhaps I should have disciplined myself and my time a little more efficiently and stuck with it. It is possible now, that I have missed a great ship! Keep yourself organized and allow a certain amount of time during which you can devote yourself fully to your surveys and email reading. Hopefully, this little tip will help to guide you on not missing the ship.

First of all, I’m sure these websites promoting these “make money online” ideas have no problem getting people to take their surveys. This is after all, a great way to make some extra cash without having to do much of anything at all. Some of the sites also insist that you make a certain amount of money before you can receive a paycheck, and others will not send you a paycheck but will use PayPal. The websites we’ll be concerned with today are; CashCrate, SendEarnings, InboxDollars, ProjectPayDay and finally Surveymastermind. Let’s take a look at how enrollment fees compare.

Signup fees

Occasionally, these types of websites will ask for a minimal fee just to get started. Most of them will either assure you of getting that money back in no time; some will give you that money back, flat out. Others will even allow you to join for free and give you your first $5.00 just for joining.

CashCrate: (Read my CashCrate Review) This opportunity is free to join and you get $1.00 USD for free just to register.

SendEarnings: (Read my Send Earnings Review) This opportunity sounds great in my opinion. It’s free to join, and upon completion of your application (not that you’ll be turned down), you will receive $5.00 USD from them. Look at that. You’re making money already!

InboxDollars: (Read my InboxDollars Review) You get $5.00 free when you register and you’re ready to start making money for doing almost nothing.

ProjectPayDay: Seemingly free to join… No fee… Just sign up and go.

Surveymastermind: Free! You’ll start filling out surveys almost immediately.

Features of these make money survey sites

A number of these websites truly promote a relatively easy way to make money. One in particular (Surveys Paid) however sounded like more of a job than a pastime; which is not necessarily a bad thing if you’re one of the millions of unemployed in America today. The website itself tells you right up front that if you are not an organized and self disciplined individual, this is probably not the opportunity for you. A review of their website absolutely confirms that. But if you can keep yourself disciplined and organized, there is some serious money to be made in this endeavor.

So you stop for a moment through their honesty that you’re going to work for this money. Nothing wrong with that. And the fact that they are this transparent should make you feel relatively secure that this is no scam. This website is probably the most unique out of all five. You’re not answering surveys or testing products per se. You are fulfilling the obligations of people who signed up for trial offers and then decided that they didn’t want to complete the offer. They still get the benefit of completing the offer (free gifts) because it does get completed… by you. They pay you to complete the offer!

One small problem lies in that if you don’t keep track of these, the free offer expires eventually and more often than not (unless you cancel) you will be automatically enrolled in a membership; i.e. three more months of the product, a subscription…etc. And that is the part that isn’t free. Once that trial membership is over, they will automatically charge you for whatever it is that they are promoting. You’ll see it on your credit card or will receive a bill. And while we’re on the topic of credit cards; some of these sites will ask you for one (not the review sites I mention here). It is beyond me why, if I’m the one getting paid and not intending to pay out anything, that I would give someone my credit card number. Surveys Paid’s site even warns you about that. I have a lot of respect for the fact that this particular site seems so upfront and honest.

The other website different from all of the others here, is Surveymastermind. Surveymastermind actually recommends InboxDollars, SendEarnings and possibly even CashCrate, though I didn’t see it in the series for which I signed up. Surveymastermind allows you to be extremely picky in selecting just exactly what it is you want to do to earn extra cash. If there is something you don’t want to do, you simply don’t check it. Now that’s service!

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