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10 Important Blogging Lessons I Learned The Hard Way
19 March 2014

10 Important Blogging Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

As someone that has been creating websites and building online businesses for over a decade I’ve had more than my fair share of ups and downs. From quitting my job to go full-time online to selling sites for multiple five-figure sums, from completely losing sites to having my Paypal account closed down I’ve learned a lot over the years»

How Blogging Can Help Your Business
27 September 2013

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

What is LinkBuilding

Blogging or ‘Linkbuilding’ as it is often referred to within the Online Marketing Industry is a fantastic method in which you can build and improve your performance online. It may sound confusing but it really isn’t, simply you are seeking a link for your site from a blog or website. The reason why you would want»

Add Some Flair To Your Blog
23 September 2013

Add Some Flair To Your Blog

Know your readers, know your content

Did you know that the majority of readers currently browsing the web for content aren’t actually looking for a small novel?

It’s true. While long-form content tends to rank higher and perform better overall, there are some sacrifices that have to be made in order to appeal to people who»

How To Make Money Blogging
11 September 2013

How To Make Money Blogging

People wanting to start making money blogging wind up confused about what niche to write about. It’s not as hard as it seems. Making money blogging is more about frequency than it is precise content, but good quality and unique content is a major player. Whenever you’re first starting, you’ll find that good content»

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