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Earnings Disclaimer

We provide information that can possibly enhance your income online. We did our best to make this information as accurate as possible, but we don’t guarantee or make any claim that you will make money online from the information provided on this website/blog. We can’t guarantee success from the materials and products that we are endorsing. The result will still depend on the users.

Materials and information shared in the Make Money Online website are not intended to make you believe that they work 100 percent. We have no intentions of making you believe that we bring and ensure success to your online business endeavour. The results of our products depend on the effort and scheme of the users. We make sure that we won’t lead you to the belief that we have the magic to make you rich in an instant.

Provided information and testimonies of users claiming to have earned from the program and products that this website is promoting can be verified and explored based on your requests. The success of each user is not dependent to the program rather, depends on the amount of time, money, and dedication each user has consumed. We are not encouraging you to spend something as a result of our program. Bear in mind that we are not responsible for your actions.

This website may contain materials and information that are in accordance with the Securities Litigation Act of 1995.

These forward-looking statements help us build expectation and achieve forecast for future purposes. These statements don’t contain factual or historical information, and with that we used words like “ESTIMATE”, “ANTICIPATE”, “INTEND”, “PLAN”, “EXPECT”, and others to describe potential or possible income from our program.

The forward-statements that we made available on any of our marketing materials have the objective of leading you to the potential income that you’re after. However, not all of them ensure success since there other surrounding and contributing factors that can affect your success through our products and program. We want to emphasize that each user will not have the same results and measurement of success.