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Earn More Website Revenue With an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can have a considerable impact on your revenue, and you may even be able to generate more than fifty percent of a website’s revenue by selling services and products from other sites.

The In’s and Out’s of An Affiliate Program

Website RevenueAn affiliate program is a means for you to sell your services or products through other websites. Basically the process is straightforward, as you provide another website with the basic promotional items to sell your services or product(s). However, the affiliate never really takes inventory of the merchandise you are selling.

A good example of this is the website that sells e-books and for this example, we will call the principal website Ebookbus. Com. the website provides an affiliate website (affiliatejenny1) with some button and banners advertising e-books.

When a visitor of affiliatejenny1 clicks on the banner, it redirects him to ebookbus. Com and if the individual makes a purchase, pays affiliatejenny1 a percentage of the sale, what we normally call a commission.

Tracking Affiliate Programs

When your affiliate products are advertised on another website for marketing, each one has a tracking URL. This tracking URL is undetectable to the browser but keeps track of the affiliates performance. When he goes through the purchase procedure and receives a payment confirmation page, a further tracking code substantiates the sale. This information is recorded and tracked back to the originator of the sale (i.e. the affiliate).

In its most basic form, an affiliate program works like having your own real life sales force. Can you just imagine having sales agents extended across the Internet selling your services or product to all of their new, as well as their existing customers? Every time that sales agent sells your product, you complete the order and pay the agent a small commission. That sums up an affiliate program.

Your Very Own Affiliate Program

You can start your very own affiliate program in various ways, but one of the simplest methods is to use an affiliate open market like PayDotCom or ClickBank, as these affiliate sites amass numerous affiliate products. You can join their program for either a small fee or most often a percentage of the sale with no fee upfront.

When you join an affiliate marketplace such as ClickBank or PayDotCom you add your product to a list so that it can be promoted by third party websites. You will also have to agree to allow them to take a percentage of each sale and a commission the affiliate website selling your product.

Although these fees soon add up, it is still worthwhile as long as your product has a good profit margin and you will soon be making money.

Commission Junction is another well-established company but the joining and commission fees are higher, which is why PayDotCom and ClickBank are the best choice for those starting out.

Always seek the advice of an expert when starting an online business. There are some excellent manuals, which give step-by-step guidance regarding all aspects of online marketing and affiliate programs. Remember an affiliate program can have a significant impact on your top line and soon you will be earning money while you sleep.

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